Who are we?

We are an independent soccer club based in Woodland Park, CO and comprised of volunteers who are passionate about youth and soccer! Our vision is to provide a soccer experience to players in our local area who have both the desire and ability to compete at a more competitive level than Woodland Park Parks & Recreation soccer. We have our own team placement and registration processes, in addition to club fees.

Our experienced soccer coaches aim to teach the players to work as a team and to build their individual skills. Our athletes will work on personal endurance, quickness, field awareness, and overall soccer strategy. Longer practice sessions, as well as multiple seasons, allow for deeper skill development and team concepts. By renting facility space in Woodland Park, we are able to provide local families the convenience of not having to travel for practices in other communities to find an elevated level of soccer.

How are the teams formed?

Teams are formed based on availability of players and coaches in our program, in addition to skill-level evaluations.

WPFC no longer holds any open tryout evaluations for new players; however, there may be an opening on some of our teams. We form teams according to date of birth (with occasional consideration for grade level exceptions).

When we have spots available, placements are based on coaching evaluations of each player’s skill-level through practice sessions. Players will be invited to join practice session where coaches will be evaluating your player’s skill level to be sure that this is a good fit for both the player and team in the upcoming season.

Players will be selected entirely on merit and not according to connection to our club or other soccer programs. The younger the players, the more we try to accommodate a range of skill levels to avoid turning players away, as these players have much time to develop in the program. The older age divisions (U11 and above) tend to be more selective based on individual skill development and how those skills compare to other players.

When will the teams be formed?

Teams are formed and registrations are accomplished at least 2 months prior to the start of the season. In the Fall season, we try to make final team selections before the Woodland Park Parks & Recreation soccer registration deadline so that any players who do not make a team can still register in time to play soccer with Parks & Recreation if desired.

Who do WPFC teams compete against?
Our club is open to affiliation with other soccer clubs, primarily those based in the Colorado Springs (COS) area. Currently, we compete primarily in the Recreational Divisions of the Pride Soccer Club. This affiliation gives our teams the opportunity to compete with large clubs which can provide a variety of games each season in the COS area. Many of our teams also choose to compete in local tournaments outside of the regular season schedule.
If I register with Pride Soccer will my child be placed on a Woodland Park team?
No, we are an independent club which collaborates with the Pride Soccer recreational program based out of Colorado Springs. In order to play on a Woodland Park team, your player must be evaluated for placement and registered with us first. Team space is limited, and additional club fees are required to cover our local facility rentals.
How many players will there be on each roster?
Roster sizes differ by team based on the number of players who compete on the field at one time for different age levels. We want to ensure adequate playing time for all players, allowing their skills to progress each season.
What does the season commitment look like?

Commitment is essential to team development and a requirement for participation. Parents and players will follow a Code of Conduct (posted on our website), and if unable follow-through on the commitment, this may result in termination of the player’s placement without refunds.

Teams typically train 2 nights per week in Woodland Park and play games on Saturdays in Colorado Springs for a 7–8-week competition season. Make-up games may be scheduled on Sundays when needed. We currently compete in the Pride Soccer program based out of Colorado Springs.

There is a WPFC fee of about $50 for club/facility usage and a Pride registration fee of about $125 (discounted for WP teams). Players must purchase a WPFC uniform that costs about $45. Post-season tournaments are optional and have a separate fee. Each family must be able to cover the financial commitment. Occasionally we receive donations that help provide a partial scholarship based on need, and you may inquire about this if needed.

I am interested in coaching, are there any openings?

Yes, we are always looking to expand our program! Volunteers with both soccer and coaching experience many contact us on the club website. We adhere to a positive coaching style and role-modeling without exceptions. Please send a message expressing your interest, some background details on your coaching experience, and when is the best time to reach you, along with your phone number.

Can local businesses sponsor and support Woodland Park FC?
Sponsors provide important financial support to the families in our program! We would love to hear from you and appreciate community partnerships. In addition to presence on our website, we recognize sponsors at our end-of-season club celebrations and club events.

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